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PAKLENA NARANČA / svježi sok naranče / fresh orange juice
NEW YORK / svježi sok jabuke / fresh apple juice
VILJAMOVKA / svježi sok kruške / fresh pear juice
BLACK DEVIL / naranča i crni ribizl /fresh orange juice, black currant
TROPICANA / naranča i ananas / fresh orange juice, pineapple
DETOX / naranča, ananas i grejp / fresh orange juice, pineapple and grapefruit
AGENT ORANGE / naranča i jabuka / fresh orange and apple juice
BLACKBERRY BANG / naranča, jabuka i kupina / fresh orange and apple juice, blackberry
(FROOT) ČUDESNA ŠUMA / naranča, jabuka, kruška i grožđe / fresh orange, apple, pear and grape juice
TREE SHAKER / jabuka i kruška / fresh apple and pear juice
PINK PANTHER / jabuka i jagoda / fresh apple juice, strawberry
MINT /jabuka, kivi i menta / fresh apple juice, kiwi and mint
YELLOW SUBMARINE / kruška i ananas / fresh pear juice, pineapple
FRESH / grejp, ananas i menta / fresh grapefruit juice, pineapple and mint



MR. RABBIT /svježi sok mrkve / fresh carrot juice
GARDEN PARTY/ mrkva, cikla, jabuka i đumbir / fresh carrot, beetroot and apple juice, ginger
EARTH SHAKER /mrkva i jabuka / fresh carrot and apple juice
MORNING AFTER /mrkva, jabuka i kruška / fresh carrot, apple and pear juice
GINGERAIL /mrkva, jabuka i đumbir / fresh carrot and apple juice, ginger
100% ZDRAVO / celer, peršin, blitva, salata, ðumbir, jabuka, limun, voda / celery, parsley, mangel, salad, ginger, apple, lemon, water



BANANA MAN /banana, svježi sok naranče / banana, fresh orange juice
JAGODA DIVA /jagoda, banana, svježi sok naranče / strawberry, banana, fresh orange juice
MARASKA /višnja, banana, svježi sok naranče, med / sour cherry, banana, fresh orange juice, honey
ZLATNA MALINA /malina, banana, svježi sok naranče / raspberry, banana, fresh orange juice
BLACKBERRY BLUES /kupina, banana, svježi sok naranče / blackberry, banana, fresh orange juice
FOXY LADY /crni ribizl, banana, svježi sok naranče, med / black currant, banana, fresh orange juice, honey
FUNKY BOROVNICA /borovnica, banana, svježi sok naranče / blueberry, banana, fresh orange juice
ŠUMSKO VOĆE /šumsko voće, banana, svježi sok naranče / berries, banana, fresh orange juice
MOO-MOO /musslie, banana, svježi sok naranče, med / musslie, banana, fresh orange juice, honey
TROPICAL TWIST /ananas, banana, svježi sok naranče / pineapple, banana, fresh orange juice
HONOLULU /ananas, kivi, banana, svježi sok naranče / pineapple, kiwi, banana, fresh orange juice
BOUNTY /ananas, kokos, banana, svježi sok naranče / pineapple, coconut, banana, fresh orange juice
ZELENI SOK /banana, blitva, salata, limun, jabuka / banana, mangel, salad, lemon, apple
CYBER DORUČAK / cyber breakfast
MOO – MOO MLIJEČNI / banana, musslie, med, lješnjak, mlijeko / banana, musslie, honey, hazelnuts, milk
ČOKO / crna čokolada, banana, musslie, med, naranča, mlijeko / dark chocolate, banana, musslie, honey, orange, milk
SOJA MIX / sojino mlijeko, musslie, kokos, med, badem / soya milk, musslie, coconut, honey, almonds


lješnjak – hazelnuts / bademi – almonds/ orasi – walnuts/ miješano sjemenje – mix seeds/
sjeme lana – leenseed / sezamove sjemenke – sesame seeds/muesli -muesli / cimet – cinnamon/
muškatni oraščić – nutmeg / đumbir – ginger/menta – mint/kokos – coconut/ kakao – cocoa


ESPRESSO 7,00 kn
DUPLI- double ESPRESSO 12,00 kn
KAVA SA ŠLAGOM coffee with cream 8,00 kn
KAVA S MLIJEKOM long coffee, hot milk 8,00 kn
BIJELA KAVA long coffee, hot milk 11,00 kn
CAPPUCCINO creamy espresso, whipped milk 9,00 kn
NESCAFE nescafe, whipped milk 11,00 kn
KAVA BEZ KOFEINA decaffeinated coffee 9,00 kn
KAVA BEZ KOFEINA S MLIJEKOM decaffeinated coffee with milk 10,00 kn
KAVA SA SOJINIM MLIJEKOM creamy espresso with soya milk 12,00 kn
BIJELA KAVA SA SOJINIM MLIJEKOM long coffee with soya milk 15,00 kn
CAFFE MOCCHA long coffee, cocoa, cinnamon, whipped milk 9,00 kn
ICE COFFEE creamy espresso, sugar syrup, ice cream, ice, whipped milk 13,00 kn
XXL COFFEE double espresso, whipped milk 14,00 kn
KAKAO cocoa, whipped milk 11,00 kn
TOPLA ČOKOLADA hot chocolate 13,00 kn


KREM JUHE/ cream soup 20,00 kn
SENDVIČI/ sandwich/
šunka – sir / ham and cheese
4 vrste sira / 4 types of cheese
tuna tuna / sandwich 12,00 kn
TOST/ toast sandwich 12,00 kn
VOĆNA SALATA/ fruit salad 15,00 kn
SALATE/ feta feta cheese salad/ mozzarela mozzarella salad / tuna tuna salad/ povrtna veggie 20kn
ŠTRUDLE/ strudel / sirchees / jabukaapple 15,00 kn


MENTA / mint tea
VOĆNI / fruit tea
ŠIPAK / rose hip tea
KAMILICA / chamomile tea
ZELENI / green tea
CRNI / black tea
ENGLESKI /english tea  9,00 kn

organic tea :
ZELENI/ Green tea
BIJELI/ White tea
CRNI / Black tea
VOĆNI/ Rooibos 15,00 kn
JANA / still water 0.5L  10,00 kn
JAMNICA / sparkling water 0.5L  10,00 kn
LIMUNADA / lemonade 0.5L  15,00 kn

You can trace the presence of substances that can cause allergies and / or intolerance: peanuts and peanut products, milk and dairy products, fishery products, nuts, celery and products thereof.

In case that you didn’t get receipt, you are not obligated to pay. VAT is included in price. Tip isn’t included in price. Complains book at the bar. / Bio kuća d.o.o., Sv. Mateja 79, Zagreb, OIB: 56174327824


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